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Connected Health » Health Gadgets » Medisana TargetScale is a UFO-style scales and body monitor

Medisana TargetScale is a UFO-style scales and body monitor

medisana-scaleA lot of different brands are venturing into the smart scale arena at the moment, like Withings and Wahoo, but the craziest gadget we’ve seen yet comes from Medisana.

The TargetScale is a bluetooth-friendly device, which tells you  and records the weight, BMI, body fat, water readings and muscle mass of up to four users.

The scale is made by the same company behind the Vitadock app, which you’ll need to properly read, monitor and keep a record of all your data.

The gadget isn’t just focused on tracking your slow, gradual and worrying festive weight gain though, you can use it to set goals too, in order to give you an incentive to get moving. The lights leading up to the middle of the device light up as you move closer to your target weight and make it look like it’s straight out of a cheap sci-fi movie.

You can pick up the Medisana TargetScale from Firebox for £129.99.

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