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MedWand – Doctor McCoy’s Tricorder will see you now Jim

MedWand is one of the latest in multi-functional medical scanners (i.e., tricorders), combining a thermometer, heart rate sensor, pulse oximeter, otoscope for hearing examinations, and digital stethoscope all in one handy device. It also has the capability to support third party Bluetooth-enabled devices like glucose monitors or blood pressure monitors.

MedWand pic 2

MedWand also puts together all of the measurements taken into a comprehensive and secure Electronic Patient Record, permitting a clinical quality telemedicine experience for patients and doctors.

MedWand allows doctors to do the following things remotely;

• Measure your heart rat or pulse
• Measure the oxygen level of your blood
• Listen to your heart
• Listen to your lungs
• Look into your mouth and throat
• Look into your eyes
• Look into your ears
• Examine your skin
• Listen to your abdomen
• Take your temperature

MedWand pic 1

MedWand allows doctors to remotely diagnose many common medical conditions affecting children and adults, including:

• Asthma
• Bronchitis
• Ear Infections
• Fever
• Headache
• Rashes
• Red Eye
• Sunburn
• Tonsillitis
• Poison Ivy
• Palpitations
• Vomiting
• Walking Pneumonia

Watch video here:

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