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Reebok plays catch up with its running app Reebok Fitness

We have seen many different varieties of fitness apps, whether they are through phones, computers or devices (i.e. Amiigo Bracelet). Well now Reebok has got in on the action with their latest running feature Reebok Fitness. The idea of the app is brilliant, combining a calendar with a fitness routine, which allows you to choose the pace and frequency you work out at. The groundwork of the app is a good idea as mentioned, however it seems Reebok have not fully taken advantage of their creativity. The calendar only allows you to track progress up to 12 weeks, which is great for a beginner, but what do they offer to the more experienced/dedicated users? Also there are only 5 categories, which you can participate in; walking, running, dance, yoga and training, … Read entire article »

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Basis receives £11.5 m worth of investment as the health tech market rockets

As mentioned in previous posts, the rise and risk of health within the modern world has become somewhat of a pandemic, well that’s if you believe every piece of tabloid news presented. However the subject is spreading like wildfire, and it has started to make people stand up and pay attention to their health. Fundamentally this has bolstered the health and fitness market, as more and more people are spending money on a healthier lifestyle. As a result of the market growth, investment has been heavily involved within the sector and recently more businesses have received backing to help them grow. One of these success stories was Basis Science who has received £11.5 million worth of investment for its own sensor-based band that monitors a variety of health indicators. The series … Read entire article »

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Actually how healthy are you? Find out with the world’s first smart scale

Every day we hear in the news that there is a crisis of raised obesity levels throughout the nation as more and more people consume unhealthy foods and severely slack when it comes to exercise. Although for some people it is more noticeable that they are over weight and unhealthy, many of us assume that our slim waste lines is a sign that we are in good health. However, although you may not be carrying the excess body weight it is important to measure other aspects of your health to give yourself that ease of mind. Before this would usually mean visiting your local GP to get a ‘check over’ or purchasing many tools to help measure such effects. This is where Withings comes into play with their Smart Body … Read entire article »

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