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Me-Mover takes steps towards reinventing the bicycle

Me-Mover is the revolutionary new take on the bicycle (or tricycle) that uses a stepping motion to generate forward momentum. Well we say revolutionary, there are many who have attempted this brave push into the market before, however we still remain in a world dominated by bicycles. So why will Me-Mover be any different?Me-Mover

The Danish team of designers looked specifically at skiing and running to come up with a concept said to offer 40% more intensity than that of cycling whilst remaining a low impact exercise. The motion of carving your feet up and down is supposed to emulate that of downhill skiing and targets 6 of the 8 muscles groups allowing for more of a workout in less time.

With a low flat base to stand on and a raised up handlebar, the design is very similar to that of a scooter. To get yourself going you stand upon two pedals that are directly in front of two rear wheels and begin to pump your legs up and down, like a mixture between a step-up machine and a cross trainer using the handlebars to direct your movement. It can build up some speed too. Once you’re finished or if you’re one of the many who commute, Me-Mover can be easily folded so you can carry it onto a bus, train or car. This is a simple step process that the team behind Me-Mover say shouldn’t take more than a couple of seconds.

Me-Mover is also great for anyone coming back from injury as it offers far less impact on your joints making it a great tool for rehabilitation – for anyone who suffers with runners knee and shin splints, this could be your saviour.

After a successful crowd funding campaign, which saw the company generate more than $300,000, the company has started to take pre-orders with an expected date on delivery to be June 2016. Me-Mover does come at a price though, with orders starting at €1,559 for European customers and that’s with a pre-order discount of €300! Or you can opt to pay more for exclusive colours and add-ons.

It will be interesting to see how many of these hit our streets soon…..

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