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CES 2012 – Bodymedia updates its Fitbit/Jawbone Up rival – the Fit

We have seen the Jawbone Up and more recently the Fitbit, but there’s another player in the personal fitness gadgets market – the BodyMedia Fit. Aimed at the US market, with no details on a UK launch yet, the Fit system, which has been available for a while now, is arguably as much about weight loss as keeping super healthy and fit.

It works in an interesting way by combining an armband that works with tracking software which works out a metabolic profile of the system’s user giving details on calories burned, steps taken, level of physical activity and even sleep patterns if worn in bed.

The big adjustment for this year is that a coaching element has been added to the system and it will give you recommendations about activity and diet and makes suggestions for targets for you to achieve.

The system is available in two formats. The BodyMedia Fit system starts at $179, which includes the BodyFit CORE Armband and online Activity Manager software (3 months of the service are included in the purchase, with a $6.95 monthly subscription cost thereafter). Alternatively for $199 you can get the system with the Fit LINK Armband, which communicates directly with an iPhone or Android smartphone via Bluetooth for real-time data processing.

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  2. Tommy says:

    The BodyMedia Fit is available in the UK under the name Ki Fit (

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Tommy.

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