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About Connected Health

There was a time when if you wanted to know how healthy you were, what your blood pressure was up to and whether you were heading for a fever you needed some specialist equipment or had to take a trip to the doctors.

Well, at Connected Health we know that those days have gone forever. We are at the edge of a new era in healthcare where technology, gadgets and the internet will combine to help us monitor our wellbeing and so live healthier lives.

That said connected health gadgets aren’t new. It is just that over the next few years they are going to get more sophisticated, more intelligent and more affordable. And it won’t just be people with long term conditions and the elderly that are tracking their day to day health, it will be everyone from new mums through to fitness fanatics.

So welcome to Connected Health. This is the place where you’ll be able to read news and reviews of the gadgets and apps that, who knows, might one day save your life.

Connected Health Store is a  MUSTARD PR Ltd production

Here’s the press release

New website that focuses on health gadgets and apps, Connected Health Store, launches

Innovative collaboration between website network Shiny Media and product development agency CONNECTION7

The booming sector of health gadgets and apps gets its very own website today with the arrival of Connected Health Store.

A collaboration between website network Shiny Media and sales and marketing company MUSTARD PR, Connected Health Store will keep its US and UK readers up to date with the latest news from the medical and fitness gadgets world highlighting products that monitor a person’s bodily signs, enable them to track their wellness and a great deal more.

In a few months time Connected Health Store will also add a retail section enabling readers to view and buy a number of unique health-based products and apps.

‘For me the Connected Health space is one of the most vibrant and exciting areas of technology,’ explains Ashley Norris, a director of Shiny Media. ‘There is going to be an explosion of health gadgets and apps in 2012, starting at the CES exhibition in January, which will make a significant difference to the way that we monitor our health.’

‘At CHS we will also keep tabs on the growing wellness app market, which will begin to mature as phones and tablets get ever more sophisticated and intelligent.’

‘The real opportunity here is to cut through an increasing wealth of information and bring it altogether under one roof. News, product reviews, tips and advice with a store to follow, make the Connected Health Store a cracking destination for those interested in tech and health.’ Said, Andrew Durkin founder of MUSTARD PR.

The editorial for Connected Health Store is written by the team that produces Shiny’s two high profile consumer electronics websites Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny. Shiny’s MD Chris Price says ‘It has been quite a while since we launched a new website which just goes to underline how exciting and how much potential we think there is in Connected Health.’

For more details on the site, or to discuss advertising opportunities, product reviews etc contact Ashley Norris ashleyatshinymediadotcom

More details on MUSTARD OR here

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