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Swimmo – the ultimate smartwatch for swimmers

swimmo1It seems everyday we see another wearable casted onto the market and yet with every product that passes by there’s always a gap for something new. Enter Swimmo a high-tech smartwatch designed specifically for swimmers allowing them to improve their strength, technique and training.

Fully waterproof, Swimmo is designed for continuous work underwater finally giving swimmers the opportunity to track, analyse and overall improve their workouts. Full of features and capable of working as a personal coach for people serious about their swimming, Swimmo is also a great tool for those who just want to improve their body shape and stay in good health.

Swimmo has a full-colour OLED screen which sits nicely on the wrist, strapped into place using a modern polymer material that’s nice to touch and doesn’t cause skin irritation.

Swimmo’s features include an innovative heartbeat sensor that captures accurate recognition directly from the swimmers wrist and a communication feature that lets users know when to speed up, slow down or stay at a certain pace, this is due to an integration with IntensityCoach™ and PaceKeeper™ technologies. The swimmers are made aware of these communications via a series of vibration frequencies.

When it comes to functionality Swimmo intends to be as unique, yet simple, as possible and it’s Rotate&Tap technology really does suggest that is the case. Simply rotating the wrist allows you to trigger through select menu options and then a tap on the display confirms your selection.

Swimmo also has its own dedicated app on iOS and Android which allow for post training analysis, where users are able to measure distance traveled, pace, amount of calories burn as well as time spent in the water. Users also have the ability to share their results via social media and on popular sports websites.

Today Swimmo launched on Kickstarter with an aim of raising $39,000 within 35 days. Go check it out and support here –

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  1. Kate says:

    Looks amazing! I want this Swimmo smart watch

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