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We all know that to lose weight we should eat a balanced diet, try to keep our calories low and get plenty of exercise, but it’s often not that easy in practice, particularly if you’re feeling stressed, tired or a little low.

Well, a new online tool called aims to keep you on track by crafting a really easy-to-follow diet, which should hopefully stop you from grabbing that chocolate bar.

You start by telling how many calories you want to eat a day. There are lots of online resources to find out how many calories your body really needs based on your height, weight, activity levels, etc. Or there’s a simple one on, just click on ‘Note Sure?’ and you can get a rough guide.

You’ll then get an instant ready-made diet after you’ve specified how many meals you want to eat in a day. When you’re using, you can customise your food choices so the tool won’t recommend anything you hate the sight of. Or, you can even go into ‘sandbox’ mode and fine-tune every aspect of your diet if you’d like a bit more control too.

The thing we love about is it’s so easy to tailor and change your settings, then once everything is sorted you get instant results. It’s also great for those that like to visualise things instead of just reading boring recipes, as your day is divided up into “carbs”, “fats” and “protein” in a neat colourful pie chart. is a great tool if you need a little bit more help when it comes to getting food ideas and sticking to a diet, you’ll need to provide your own will power though!


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