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Philips invests in growing health technology market

Philips has been a big name in consumer electronics for years, but saw a blow to its strategy last year when profits collapsed due to tough rivals and weak markets.

But it appears that the electronics giant is leaving TVs and other electronics behind to claim a share of the growing health technology and gadget market.  BBC writes that Philips ‘is distancing itself from areas where it has traditionally been strong, such as sound and vision’ and is instead shifting its focus on the area of ‘self-help technologies that enhance consumers’ wellbeing’.

With healthcare costs gong up it comes as no surprise that more people are looking for ways to help themselves and Philips is not the only one wanting to tap into this fast growing market. People are increasingly showing a desire to live healthily and having easy-to-use and affordable gadgets to help them. From obesity to sleep, there is now a product to help you monitor and improve your wellness.

So what will Philips bring to the table? Philips has already brought out deep fryers that use air rather than oil and soya milk makers that enable you to mush up the soya beans yourself. Expect mood lamps to help you cope with winter blues and belts that helps relieve chronic back pain and more to come.

We have covered several of the other brands in this space here on Connected Health already and will continue to bring you the latest available on health gadgets and fitness.

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