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Sleep Champ Android app monitors sleepless kids

child-yawnOver the past year or so we’ve seen sleep tracking apps and gadgets really come on in leaps and bounds, just check out the Zeo Sleep Manager, the brand’s Sleep 101 app, the Fitbit or devices from Omron.

Well now this kind of advanced sleep tracking technology isn’t just being used to ensure us adults get a good night’s sleep, but researchers have designed a new app that helps parents to identify whether their kids are at risk of sleep-related breathing disorders or hyperactivity during the night.

The University of Michigan Health System has brought its sleep quality scale technology to the team at IT company Zansors in order to work together and develop the Sleep Champ app, which requires parents to answer a series of questions and then track their child’s sleep over time.

Available from Google Play for £2.56.

[ Via Health Care IT News Image via Liz Davenport Creative on Flickr]

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