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Mindfulness app reminds you to meditate and calm down


A new app has been launched by MindApps, which aims to help people become mindful, meditate with ease and generally ensure they’re more productive, happy and awesome in the process.

The Mindfulness App allows you to set reminders for yourself throughout the day, so you remember to down tools and take some time out.

The app then helps you to meditate by guiding you with a voice or playing calming, ringing bells. You can also design your own meditation too for as long as you want.

The app contains four different guided meditations, four silent meditations with bells and chimes and things and mindfulness notices and reminders.

A dedicated app isn’t really necessary if you want to meditate and become more aware of your own body and surroundings. However, if you find it hard to give yourself a few moments each day to calm down and stop your mind from wandering, then the Mindfulness App might be a good way to get you started.

Available from iTunes for £1.49.

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