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MyHealthTeams creates social networks for those with chronic conditions


A new platform called MyHealthTeams aims to bring together those dealing with chronic illnesses or those who have loved ones with serious conditions via social platforms. But is that kind of online resource really necessary when so many other forums and communities exist?

If you’re living with a medical condition or have a friend or family member who is then it can be hard to get through problems on your own and often many find healthcare providers don’t tick all of the boxes when it comes to ensuring patients and their families are knowledgeable and have the right resources to battle through problems. A new social platform called MyHealthTeams has been built to address that problem and bring people together online:

“We believe that when you or a loved one are diagnosed with a disease, it should be easy to connect with people just like you, who can share their experiences, and help you discover the best people around to help you.”

However, the sites that MyHealthTeams create aren’t just about chatting to others with problems, but they also provide users with a list of providers that might help in sticky situations, others that are having problems and Q&A databases. At the moment the company has set up these kinds of networks and information hubs for parents of children with autism at and women who have breast cancer at

Although MyHealthTeams does sound like a brilliant idea on paper, we do wonder whether social networks bringing people together like this are really necessary or whether they further fragment communities of people who will now not only be pulled between various forums and Facebook groups, but other newly formed platforms.

Let us know in the comments below whether you’d turn to an already established forum to connect with others or would happily usher in a social network for the job.

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