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morsl-websiteThe internet is a great resource for finding healthy recipes to pull together, whether you’re looking for a dose of inspiration or something really low in fat to keep you on track with your diet.

However, it can be really confusing to sift through thousands upon thousands of sites and pages and suggestions, only to find later down the line they include things you can’t eat for dietary reasons or would take far too long for you to prepare.

Well now enter, a new website designed to give you a whole range of personal recipe recommendations.

You sign up to the website and answer a series of questions about your eating habits and tastes before being served up a list of suggestions that’ll suit you. You’re then given more and more recommendations over time as better understands what you like and your cooking skill level.

The whole aim of the site is to take the confusion and stress away from cooking so that you’re able to prepare fresh, healthy and nutritious meals from home without getting too worked up about it and opting for a microwave meal instead.

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