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The Fitbit web dashboard gets an upgrade too

fitbit-dashboard-gadgetsIt’s been a busy few weeks for personal fitness tracking company Fitbit, with the launch of the new Zip device and a range of changes being made to the popular Ultra gadget, which is now called One. Well now a few other new features have been added to Fitbit’s web dashboard, making it easier for users to keep up with their contacts and get more from their fancy gadgets in the long run.

Most of the tweaks to the way the dashboard works involve contacting and competing with fellow users and the first big change is that data from you and your friends gets updated throughout the day whenever anyone syncs up a gadget, meaning you can check how well you’re doing in comparison to others whenever you like. This is great news for competitive users and for those who find they push that little bit harder when they see others have been much more active than them throughout the day.

You can also now talk directly to other users from Fitbit’s leaderboard, whether you want to congratulate them on a workout, taunt them or just get in touch and say hello.

The updates definitely make Fitbit into more of a fitness community all about sharing and competing, but we do wonder whether people really need another portal for that kind of interaction when all kinds of data can be so easily shared amongst current social networks?


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