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Grateful160 builds you a daily happiness diary

smiling-woman-largeWe all know that tracking our diet or our exercise is a great way to figure out where we’ve been going wrong so we can take steps to tweak the way we behave in order to make improvements, just look at apps like My Fitness Pal and Nike+ Running, which both encourage users to track and monitor what they’ve been doing then look back through their activity on a regular basis.

However, this method isn’t just successful when it comes to health and fitness, but can also have a really positive impact on our happiness. A new service called Grateful160 sends out a text message every single day asking users what they feel truly grateful for. Once they’ve responded the service then uses the data to build up a diary of everything you feel good about in the world, so next time you feel down you can visit all of your entries and your spirits will (hopefully) be lifted a little.

When most people feel down it can be hard to remember everything that’s great about their lives, so having a constant reminder kept by Grateful160 means you have no excuse not to flick through the reasons you should be smiling.

It’s really easy to keep up with your cheesy little diary of happiness, US users just respond to the SMS message with things they’re grateful for and if you’re based somewhere else you can use the service by email.

We’ve seen a similar method being employed by Buddy for those struggling with mental health issues and although we don’t think Grateful160 alone will solve more serious problems with depression and anxiety, we do think it’s a good idea to keep you happy, on track and remembering why there’s so much to feel good about.

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