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SuperBetter online game motivates you to be more fit and healthy


SuperBetter is a free online game created by author and popular TED speaker Jane McGonigal, which helps you to achieve your health and fitness goals in a way that’s super simple and easy-to-use whether you want to lose weight, sleep better or quit smoking.

It can be really hard to make dramatic changes to your life, whether you’re hoping to drop a few pounds or finally dedicate yourself to a new fitness regime. There are all kinds of tools and resources to track what you’re up to, but very few are designed to kick start those good intentions and stop you from straying from your goals.

Well a new online resource developed by games designer and motivational speaker Jane McGonigal aims to keep you on the right track by turning your quest to become a better person into a fun and easy-to-use social game.

The site, called SuperBetter, requires you to sign up and complete a number of short tests to make you more aware of different areas of your life and build up your resilience. After doing a number of different activities, like mild exercise and being nice to friends on Facebook, you can get started.

This is when you decide what your ultimate goal is, do you want to lose weight? Give up the cigarettes? Learn to meditate? Whatever it is SuperBetter can help you get there, even if it’s something REALLY random you have to specify yourself.

You then complete a number of quests that help you to achieve your goal and can even choose a power pack, which will feature a number of quests, general activities and even bad guys – these are nasty little things that might stand in your way!

Mcgonigal believes that sharing and social interaction plays a key part in our gaming success, so although your goals might be quite personal, there’s still the chance to share them with friends and family so you’re more likely to achieve them in the long run.

Although Jane McGonigal is the brains behind SuperBetter, it’s also been created with guidance from doctors, psychologists and medical researchers, which means it’s not just about playing a silly game and thinking about becoming motivated, it could (in theory) really help you to achieve your goals if you have the motivation to keep up with it. That’s all down to you.

Sign up for SuperBetter now.

[Via Lifehacker]

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