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Migraine Diary offers web support and tracking for sufferers


The Migraine Trust has recently launched a new web tool that helps those suffering with migraines to track their problems, identify triggers and diagnose any underlying health issues.

Migraines are nasty little things and if you’re badly affected by them you can be rendered pretty much useless for days, no light, no food, no company. Like we said, NASTY.

There are plenty of online resources to help those that suffer from migraines better understand what triggers their problems, there are even many communities out there that support each other too. But, we’ve never come across a comprehensive tool for migraine sufferers to really get to the bottom of their headaches.

Well now a new web platform from The Migraine Trust, called Migraine Diary, aims to provide sufferers with a really easy-to-use and comprehensive way of storing information about when they suffer from pain. The tool allows users to log information about their migraines, like the severity of pain and any other symptoms they’re suffering from. They’re also encouraged to track everything about their daily lives too, like what they eat, the medication and exercise they take and even how the weather has been. Although keeping a record of EVERYTHING may seem like a pain, it’s necessary in understanding what triggers migraines and it’s all very easy and quick to input. All of the information is then stored and helps users to track when an attack may next occur. This can also provide doctors with valuable information when patients visit them to discuss medication or other ways of coping.

The only thing we’d suggest is that you don’t sit in front of your computer updating the app during a migraine, bright screens will only make things much, much worse!

By Becca Caddy.

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