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Philips announces new batch of connected health products at IFA 2015

Philips 1Earlier this week at the IFA 2015 trade show in Berlin, consumer technology giant Philips unveiled its new ‘personal health program’, a project which saw the launch of a suit of new connected health products for 2015/16.

The main focus was of course centred around the new Health Watch, which allows users to track their wellbeing in correspondence with Philips own HealthSuite app. However Philips made it clear this new project would be aimed to ‘help prevent lifestyle induced chronic conditions’ and the new devices would be linked to doctors and psychologists to help users understand living habits and offer them recommendations.

With that in mind the Dutch company also revealed a host of other connected health devices to monitor all aspects of the body including two blood pressure monitors – one for the upper arm and another for the wrist – an ear thermometer, air purifier for people with allergies and a new body analysis Smart scale, which will allow users not only to measure their weight but also their body fat percentage and BMI.

Just as the Health Watch does, all of these new devices will be compatible with the Philips cloud based HealthSuite app.

The products are set to hit the shelves in Germany as of October 2015, however the rest of us will have to wait in anticipation until 2016.


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