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Connected Health Initiative Receives €3.9million Injection

Connected HealthKeeping people out of hospital, unless they really need it, is one major aim of those involved in the Connected Health industry, so it’s great to hear that more money is being provided to companies that are looking to enhance their offerings through further research and education where possible.

Today, CHESS (Connected Health Early Stage Researcher Support System), the organisation which aims to develop health scientists with the ability to work across education, industry, health and policy sectors has received €3.9million in funding from the EU under the Horizon2020 People Programme to create Europe’s first Connected Health PhD training programme.

The training programme, which incorporates a further 18 organisations, including universities, companies and healthcare providers, from eight European countries will ultimately redesign research education in the Connected Health sector.

Prof. Brian Caulfield, director of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at UCD said “Despite a clear need articulated repeatedly at national and international levels, and the evident promise of Connected Health, the implementation of Connected Health solutions in everyday management of health is not widespread across Europe. CHESS will work to better understand and address some of these challenges through 15 networked research projects,”

For more information on the cash injection and the Insight Centre for Data Analytics click here.

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