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TUNE helps you develop as a runner

 TUNEThe rise in sports technology over the past decade has been astronomical, especially within the past 2 years where integration with smartphones has really taken off. We now have the ability to track all of our daily outgoings whether that is via steps taken, miles cycled or even distance swam. However I still feel none of this can really compare to the experience and understanding of an actual coach or trainer. Don’t me wrong, these are all fascinating features, which have inevitably led to a healthier lifestyle for many, but there is always room for improvement and I believe the key lies within feedback and adjustment.

Meet TUNE a new wearable created by Portuguese company Kinematix, which helps to educate and transform runners into better and stronger athletes. TUNE is a small device that clips onto the outside of a runners shoe and integrates with special insoles to provide real-time statistics based on a runners movement. Throughout the whole time you’re wearing your running shoes, TUNE is gathering data on your movements to help build and overall improve your running techniques.

TUNE has the ability to measure both your feet simultaneously and with that analysis it offers a variety of stretches and exercises deemed to improve your overall technique and muscular strength therefore improving your ability. Runners are able to capture all this analysis via there smartphones, as TUNE is compatible with both Android and iOS and all the usual information such as distance, speed and steps are calculated during your run, so no need for additional wearable’s or apps.

TUNE has the ability to stay powered for up to 8hrs without stoppage, meaning there’s no worry of it letting you down half way through your morning jog.

A release date is still waiting to be confirmed whilst Kinematrix run the product through its Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $100,000.


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