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StartUp Health takes its portfolio to over 100 companies

UntitledStartUp Health, the New York based startup accelerator specialising in digital health announced it would be supporting 12 more digital health startup’s, expanding its portfolio to 102 companies.

At launch back in 2011, StartUp Health set themselves a goal of helping 1000 health startups transform the healthcare industry within a decade. Now with over 102 portfolio companies and over 200 entrepreneurs from 10 different countries, StartUp Health Academy has organised both the largest community of digital health companies and the largest peer network of healthcare entrepreneurs focused on transforming health and wellness.

As of date the StartUp Health has raised of $200M+, represented in Brazil, Canada, India, Ireland, Israel, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UAE and the United States. Out of all the supported companies, 4 of the startups have managed to secure acquisition by the likes of Under Armour, Intel and WebMD.

The latest 12 companies to successfully become part of the StartUp Health Academy are:

  • BioClaim – Patented Biometric Health Care Fraud Solution
  • BreathResearch – Cardio respiratory Testing Platform; Anytime, Anywhere
  • Dotri – Reimagining Physical Therapy Delivery
  • HealthTour – Making Medical Trips Safe and Easy
  • Jojnts – Evidence Based Digital Therapy for Your Joints
  • MedXCom – Bringing Night Call Technology Into the 21st Century
  • Pregistry – Ensuring Safe Pregnancies Through Data
  • PsyInnovations – Mental Healthcare Made Accessible
  • Room2Care – Shared Senior Living for Affordable Senior Care
  • Skindroid – Intelligent Skin Biosensors for Wearables
  • Stethos – Digitally Integrated Stethoscope
  • Virtual Viewbox – Medical Collaboration & Interoperability Platform

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