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Under Armour set to become a dominant force in fitness tech

Under ArmourAlthough already a very well established brand in almost every aspect of sports/leisure industry, Under Armour the US sports manufacturer is now upping its footprint into the fitness tech segment with the acquisition of Endomondo and MyFitnessPal.

So a bit of an insight into the two apps, Endomondo is a fitness app for all platforms that brings with it a huge social aspect by getting its users to connect with their friends and family as well as the other community members. This allows users to motivate and challenge each other whether it be walking, running, cycling and other distance activities. The app is also compatible with other devices and sensors allowing it to accumulate multiple data.

MyFitnessPal on the other hand brings to Under Armour more of a nutritional angle, being rated one of the best food tracking apps around by Wearable. The app allows users to set targets whether they be simple or complex to fit the users lifestyle. Another advantage is that MyFitnessPal boasts that 80% of its users are situated outside of the US, which for Under Armour was seen as a huge positive to build on their international presence.

Impressively both apps together bring with them over 100 million active users, seriously bolstering Under Armour’s customer base and putting them very much in the same ballpark as the top players like Google and Apple.

Endomondo was purchased for $85 million and MyFitnessPal $475 million, a hefty price however one which Under Armour obviously see as necessary if they are to become top players in the field.

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