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The best health apps voted by Doctors

Health AppsThere are so many health apps now on the market that measure such a variety of different variables that people are stuck when it comes to knowing what’s the best one for them to download.

Well HealthTap – a platform that boasts over 65,000 doctors – put together a survey to uncover what the professionals believe to be most beneficial applications dependant upon whether we’re after weight loss, women’s health, heart health and many more.

Up to 30 categories were taken into account and the survey covered both iOS and Android apps. The criteria, which were taken into account when selecting the best apps, were – medical soundness of the app, the app’s utility and the app’s usability.

It was not confirmed, nor likely that every doctor signed up to HealthTap took part in the survey, however they have claimed this to be the most comprehensive study into health applications based upon the opinion of US professionals.

Here’s the top 5 overall as voted by doctors for both iOS and Android:


  1. MyFitnessPal
  2. Weight Watchers
  3. Lose It!
  4. White Noise Lite
  5. First Aid by American Red Cross



  1. Weight Watchers
  2. White Noise Lite
  3. Lose It!
  4. First Aid by American Red Cross
  5. RunKeeper

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