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Fitness Apps helping the UK tackle weight gain this Christmas

ChristmasUsually around this time of year people start to turn their backs on the hard work they’ve put into dieting and working out over the year so that they turn their attention to mince pies, chocolate and a celebratory drinks for just a few weeks. Completely fair, what’s life without a little enjoyment when you can let your hair down? However it would seem this year people have had a change of heart and are fighting towards keeping that same mentality they cement 2 weeks before their summer holiday.

A recent survey from O2 showed that over 42 per cent of the UK’s populations has used a fitness application in the last week, showing a real shift in focus as well as how far the mHealth market has developed. On top of that it’s was also highlighted that over half of the UK population believes their health has improved since they started using wearable tech and fitness apps.

However as a result of the survey it was concluded that the market is become a lot more saturated, with most of those questioned admitting to downloading at least 3 different apps to help them stay in control of monitoring their health. It has already started to happen and as the year progresses we will start to see a lot more people become dependant on apps which allow other fitness apps to integrate with them, for example the recently released Google Fit.

Just be mindful that over the Christmas period the average Brit consumes around 7,000 calories, so all of those glued to their health applications better pay close attention as the numbers start to rack up.


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