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Runtastic release Sleep Better, allowing you to track your sleeping patterns

Sleep BetterIt’s usually hard work, sweat and some achy legs when you associate yourself with Runtastic, which originally made its name in activity-tracking hardware and apps. However now the Austrian fitness fanatics have turned their attention to the more relaxing times in our life, bed time.

The latest app – Runtastic Sleep Better – is available for free on both iOS and Android. The app monitors your sleeping patterns by lying beside you in your bed and cleverly analyses disturbances in your sleep, i.e. the amount of times you toss and turn. From this the app can intelligently determine you depths of sleep and using its very unique smart alarm, it wakes you up at a time when you’re in a shallow state of slumber, resulting in you waking up more refreshed and feeling more well rested.

Although available for free, you can opt for the paid version ($1.99) that comes with additional features as well as giving you an ad-free experience. The paid version will allow you to access the in-app note pad to jot down your dreams (we know pretty irrelevant), also give you information on what moon phase gives you the best rest – again is this really necessary, it’s not like you can change this?

Runtastic recently announce in addition to this latest launch, they now had over 100m mobile app downloads across all platforms. Somehow we can’t see this latest release breaking the next big milestone.

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