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Google fitness app a hit in China

It appears that any doubt there was surrounding Google’s seemingly delayed response to develop a fitness app have been proven wrong as the app nears its third week topping the charts in China.Google Fit

Google Fit, which works as a platform for all your health and fitness apps was released last month and took only a week for it to shoot straight to number 1 in China where it’s remained ever since, making it the apps most successful market. Google Fit also currently stands at 69 in the US and 38 in the UK.

With China being dominated by Android as appose to Apple’s iOS, it was always going to be a target market and that positioning seems to have paid off. The apps great positioning in the market has also led to key fitness app developers integrating with the platform. Big name players like Nike+ Running and RunKeeper have already pledge their commitment.

Google released their Fit app in a response to Apple’s Health app launch. The app doesn’t really bring anything new that’s not already out there on the market, giving users the chance to track walking, biking and running via sensors built into the Android devices. Users will also be able to keep track of fitness goals they set and weight-loss progress over selected periods of time.


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