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Epson launches its new Pulsense fitness trackers

Epson PulsenseAfter the sneak peak launch at CES in January of this year, Japanese electronics company Epson have announced that their two new smart device wearable’s will launch later in September.

The Epson Pulsense PS-100 is a sleek tracking band, which has an appearance very close to the Nike Fuelband’s of this world offering a more discrete method of tracking your fitness, whereas the PS-500 features a full LCD screen which pushes the product more into the smartwatch category.

Both devices offer heart rate monitoring, step counting, calorie tracking and can monitor the users sleeping pattern. Like a lot of fitness trackers launched recently, Epson are pushing the fact that both devices can continually monitor heart rate making them an ideal substitute for chest straps. Both the PS-100 and the PS-500 integrate with the free Pulsense View app, available on iOS and Android as well as web, this gives users a chance to take a step back and view their training, giving them an opportunity to assess their goals.

Apart from the LCD screen and being able to visually monitor your heart rate during workouts, the PS-500 doesn’t seem to offer much different to its lesser device, the PS-100. The products are available online for pre-order, currently retailing at $129.00 for the PS-100 and $199.00 for the PS-500.

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