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Athos training gear lets you know how to get the most out of your workouts

AthosThere is currently a boom in health and fitness technology with new gadgets and apps being released at what seems a daily rate. However there are still very few products on the market that can tell you when your body is working to full capacity and also those designed for people who weight train. Well now Athos – a specialist in high-tech gym wearable’s – has developed unique clothing to combat this very issue.

Athos gym clothes were developed with sensors lined throughout the material to monitor activity inside of muscle fibres, giving users an insight into how hard and long to train for. The technology currently used is called electromyography (EMG), which is used in hospitals and by high performance athletes and can cost anywhere up to $15,000.

Athos recently announced that they received $12.2 million in funding, which will allow production on a mass scale something that’s still very new to the market. The product will still come with a reasonably hefty price tag with the shorts and shirt costing $99 each and if that wasn’t enough you have to also shell out $199 on a Core, which is the Bluetooth device that connects the sensors to an Athos smartphone app.

Production is now available to preorder and shipping is planned to begin next fall.

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