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Cubii helps keep the office fit without having to stand

The amount of time we spend sat down is quite frankly ridiculous, from the breakfast table, during our commute, at an office desk, and then back home in front of the television it makes up nearly the entire day without exercise.  Ok granted that’s not everyone’s daily routine, but you catch our drift.

One of the new crazes that’s currently trying to take off is the standing desk, which as you can imagine, keeps you stood up for the duration of your working hours. The reasoning for the product is good, however it’s not proving to be as successful as maybe first imagined. The trick is to try and find a happy medium that keeps people comfortable so they can concentrate at their desk, whilst making sure they’re active throughout the day.

The latest product that aims to tackle this relatively niche market is Cubii, an exercise machine that fits easily underneath an office desk and requires users to pedal whist sat down comfortably. It works almost the same as any other elliptical training mechanism, except for a slight tweak that stops users banging their knees on the bottom of their desk. As well as the product, Cubii also has an app available for iOS and Android that can monitor your fitness statistics.

The product is just about to close is successful Kickstarter campaign, which has seen it raise over $80,000 to date.


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