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Withings takes smart watches back to the past

Withings ActiviteThe amount of wearable tech that is being released in this day and age means we can track, control and monitor nearly every aspect of our lives. Most manufacturers of wearable health tech design their products to look almost futuristic, creating a slim-line, unimposing device so it stands out and makes people question what it is. But what is there on the market for people who don’t want to appear from Star Wars?

Withings, best known for its electronic fitness gadgets, may have just stumbled upon a winner with their new Activité smartwatch. The new device looks like a fine, analogue wristwatch boasting a touch of elegance that’s worthy of any Swiss watch manufacturer, yet however, it’s smarter than it looks.

The Activité can measure distance covered whether you be running, swimming or walking, monitor your sleeping quality and the amount of calories you shred in a day. This is produced through a variety of sensors, which disguise themselves well underneath the large plain white analogue face and leather straps. The watch also automatically changes the time on the analogue face dependent upon what time zone it is in and will remain charged for up to a year!

Users are able to see the statistics via the Health Mate app that is used by other Withings products.

The watch is set to be launched this summer and will retail at $390.00.

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