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PulseOn – revolutionising heart rate monitoring

With the boom in wearable technology over the past 12 months, monitoring nearly every aspect of our lives is now accessible. However when you purchase a product the honeymoon period of wearing it everyday and the excitement of monitoring its progress soon becomes a bit tedious and we forget about them. A lot of this is down to the fact they simply require too much from us, when consumers are actually trying to simplify there lives and not vice versa.

PulseOn1The latest wearable looking to break this trend is PulseOn, a heart rate monitor that takes away the need for uncomfortable chest belts and monitors a users physical output via their wrist in the form of a wrist monitor.

The small and stylish wrist device is the ultimate in comfort and usability, giving users the tools to understand their heart rate better, instead of mere graphs and curves. So what makes it so unique? PulseOn goes beyond tracking a user’s heart rate – it provides highly meaningful insights into training sessions including the effect of training and coaching, ensuring the optimal balance between training and recovery. In addition to the accurate heart rate measurements from the smallest wrist based heart rate monitoring device available, it is also incredibly simple and intuitive to use.

PulseOn operates in two different modes, Standard and Sport mode. Standard mode has x3 different options, showing users the time, heart rate and there last stats when in Sports mode. The later mode gives users the option of setting a timer, distance traveled, training effect on the user and of course heart rate and time.PulseOn

PulseOn translates the key information through the form of iOS and Android apps and retails at £165.00. it’s simplistic yet incredible informative functions provide all that is necessary for a device of this value.

PulseOn – a startup spun out of Nokia in 2012 – tackles all the key issues that were mentioned earlier in the fact that its stylish, comfortable, simplistic and requires minimal daily functioning, making it ideal for everyday users to constantly monitor their daily physical output.

PulseOn has recently opened its pre-order channel via the Indiegogo website, which it promises to deliver exclusive packages by September 2014, check it out –

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