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Nokia Lumia devices set to incorporate Bing Health & Fitness app

Bing Fitness2Nokia announced yesterday that its latest range of Lumia devices, starting with the new Nokia Lumia 630 & 635 would now be adopting the updated versions of Bing Health & Fitness app that comes adapt with pedometer support. Through this new feature, the devices will be able to work as fitness gadgets in excess to the functions of a normal handset.

Bing Health & Fitness app helps users to understand and monitor their activity output by offering calorie counting, step monitoring and GPS activity tracking whilst giving them constant support and further information into training by continually updating new workout videos, symptom checking for injuries and issues and great articles from trusted sources on how to stay healthy.

By setting a daily calorie goal and throughout the day inputting what you consume, the app offers nutritional information on your diet allowing you to loose weight easier and more effectively. Whilst on the training side of keeping healthy, you can follow step by step instructions of workouts and monitor time, distance, pace and calories burned via the GPS tracker, offering an enhanced insight to your training regime.

Bing Fitness1The new added pedometer allows the phone to effectively identify your continual fitness output, whether that be walking running or cycling the app monitors your steps taken, calories burned and distance travelled whilst effortlessly being left in your pocket. This is made possible using the Nokia SensorCore technology that allows effective movement calculation without draining the battery of your smartphone.

The app is available to download for free and as mentioned before looks set to come with the added pedometer to other Lumia devices very soon.

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