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Voluntis raises $29 million to help aid diabetes in the US

VoluntisWhenever we think of apps, initially the likes of Angry Birds and Twitter spring to mind which subconsciously proves we associate apps purely with consumers. However there is a whole market out there, which develops and utilises mobile applications for the B2B beneficiations.

One of these is mobile apps is Voluntis, who have designed an application, which works alongside pharmaceutical and medical professionals to aid them with diabetes management. The company developed the software back in 2001, yet decided against selling directly to consumers and headed into the medical technology industry.

Voluntis recently closed their latest crowd funding campaign where they captured $29 million from various investor companies. The reasoning for this was to enhance the research of the software and overall secure the long-term usage of the app for professionals and patients. Another key aspect was to drive production of a flagship product Voluntis Insulin Therapy Manager (VITM) into the US. This is a mobile app, which monitors blood sugar, carbohydrate intake and physical activity of patients with diabetes. From these statistics, the app has the capability to recommend insulin dosage and information is also sent to that patients nurse.

This is definitely one of the more sophisticated health apps on the market.

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