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Challenge your friends with FitYou

FitYouOver the last couple of months the Christmas serge of people trying to get into shape has proven to be well and truly over, however gyms across the country are now bracing themselves for the serge of two-months-max trainers who will delude themselves into believing they will get that dream body by the time they hit the beach in July.

The issue is that people don’t have the incentive to keep working out continuously throughout the year in order to achieve the goals they set. Well now FitYou has stepped up to the plate with what they believe could be the solution, and that is to challenge your friends and colleagues by recording who is the most active over an agreed time period.

FitYou aims to put a fun spin on working out, by getting you to compete with friends using that competitive connection as an incentive to get into shape. If that’s still not enough for you to get up off the sofa then FitYou also allows user to place wagers with each other based on who will finish on top. FitYou gives users the ability to select a variety of options including one-on-one, one-vs-team, group challenges or just individual workouts with the challenge length lasting up to two weeks. Users are notified when their friends workout and an updated leader board is continually showing who is active within the group.

So what separates FitYou from other fitness competitive apps already out their on the market? Most other apps can only compare users activity output if they are all training in the same way i.e. jogging, cycling etc. FitYou can measure users output for up to 80+ activities and compare them on a simple and generic scale. It allows users to continually compete with each other regardless of how they train or what sports they play.

FitYou is available on iOS devices and is now free down from its previous price of $0.99.

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