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Intel Completes Acquisition of Basis Science

Intel BasisFor a while now the tech community has had its eyes glued to the release of the smartwatch, a piece of wearable technology that will dramatically change the way we communicate, surf the internet as well as a whole host of other avenues.

So what happens when a large technology company has no current ties with this space? Well Intel has made their intentions quite clear with its latest take over of Basis Science, planting the company firmly into the wearable technology sector.

The San Francisco based startup will now incorporate into Intel’s new devices group, which was founded back in May 2013, a division that focuses on wearable computing and connected devices.

The acquisition is said to have cost Intel a reported $100 million, however it will now allow the American company to take actions towards unveiling a wide range of devices for the market.

Apparently Basis had been in search of a buyer for some time and it just happened to be that Intel was the company who welcomed them through the door. For any fans of the wearable technology produced by Basis, Intel has promised to continue to retail and support the brand.


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