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Apple Healthbook Encouraged To Create A Healthier World

Apple HealthbookApple is on the brink of changing the way we monitor our health and fitness with its latest app, Apple Healthbook. The new feature will have the ability to track all areas of our day to day lives including exercise, sleeping and nutritional intake in an attempt to create what some people are calling “a tipping point for mobile healthcare”.

The app – thought to be the key selling point for Apple’s next iOS 8 or iWatch – is an incredibly sophisticated programme with blood sugar, heart rate, breathing rate, weight, hydration, and physical movements all being aspects of your body which it can target.

However being Apple, and having their reputation for liking to add a bit of uniqueness to what ever bears their name, the new Healthbook app has been created with similar aspects to Apple’s Passbook. Meaning there is an option not just to compete with rival fitness apps but unify them and seek to take benefits from all. Allowing customers to simply shift onto Healthbook without leaving their favourite apps.

This move has come at a time where the health and fitness market is peaking in terms of technology and Apple now plans to be a front-runner in that market.

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