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UP Coffee Tells You When To Lay Off The Caffeine

Jawbone CoffeeThe sheer amount of fitness apps and devices, which have been released over the past few year’s is astounding and has proved that the way we view our health in modern society is now of utter importance. However health is not just measured on calories burnt and steps taken in a day, your body also needs to have a cycle of strong recovery in order to perform at its very best.

Many body-worn devices now monitor your sleeping patterns, which in theory is nice to know, but what happens when you’re being told you do not rest enough? Sometimes it’s not as simple as going to bed a bit earlier, especially if you’re someone who cannot catch Z’s at any given moment of the day.

Jawbone have recognised this and the need for deeper analysis into a recovery periods, which has in turn resulted in their latest app UP Coffee, which monitors a users caffeine intake throughout the day and can inform users of their wired and sleepy states of mind. The app recognises that 7 hours is the optimum sleep duration for refuelling the body properly and if run alongside the Jawbone UP device – which monitors a users sleep – it can recommend when is best to lay off the caffeine.

This may be pushing the boundaries of being told by our devices when to do anything, but for those who struggle to function in the mornings, maybe cutting out that last coffee of the day, could save you having the first one in the morning.

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