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Flyfit, fitness tracking strap for your ankle

FlyfitSo here we go, another day another fitness tracker. With all the news surrounding the obesity ‘pandemic’, the avalanche of fitness products overwhelmed 2013 and it seem the trend will continue throughout 2014.

Most products we see hit the market seem to offer the same results but will vary in the way they transmit them to the user, usually via an app or wearable device. Well Flyfit is another fitness monitoring wearable, except instead of a wrist or chest band it calculates your workouts via an ankle strap – kind of like being on a police tag!

Although unusual, Flyfit does offer a sophisticated service that allows you to monitor Daily Activity, Sleep and Swim covering all boundaries, which are displayed via the LED unit attached to the ankle strap. The content of your workout can then be viewed naturally via a phone or tablet.

The device itself consists of a small detachable tracking unit along with a colourful strap – white, black, yellow, cyan and fuchsia.

Flyfit is currently not available in stores as it is in a crowdfunding process via Kickstarter with a target of $90,000 by the end of March. If they are able to secure the right amount of investment, distribution is said to undergo during August of this year.

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