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Fitness apps on the rise!

Health & FitnessA new study conducted by Kantar Media has found that 32 percent of mobile device owners now use apps directly related to health and fitness as the growing trend of understanding our bodies takes an all time high.

The survey – consisting of 20,000 consumers – asked respondents in what way they used their mobile devices, with a resounding 25 percent of smartphone users and 22 percent of tablet owners used applications which allow them to track either there health or fitness daily outputs. This suggests a possible rise in health and fitness apps from 2013, where 55.7 million American adults access the trackers throughout the year. Kantar also tells us we can expect a 5 percent increase in all American mobile device users by 2016, making the prospect of health and fitness apps even more promising.

The number of adults using apps to monitor and dictate their diets is also on the rise with this category more than doubling since 2012, which shows people have clearly paid attention to the headlines made over 2013 with regards to the explicit obesity problem surrounding the modern age.

With technology changing everyday and people wanting to understand what’s going on inside their bodies, this growing trend is likely only going to continue.

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