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LG unveils the latest fitness gadgets… with a twist

LG Lifeband

With the New Year upon us, and the resolutions still fresh in our minds it’s not surprising that we are all talking health & fitness as sports retails and gyms feel the heat of credit cards. With this being the case, it’s hardly surprising that many businesses plan there product release dates around the Christmas period or just after the New Year as people hit those treadmills.

The latest gadget to emerge from the crowd is LG’s wearable fitness tracker, the LG Lifeband. Seen as a direct competitor to Nike’s FuelBand, the tracker that will be compatible with iOS and Android has the ability to monitor several key fitness statistics including speed, distance, number of steps, projected paced and the number of calories burnt. This is all displayed on an OLED screen built into the wristband so you don’t have to keep looking at your phone.

As well as the physical insight to this product, LG’s Lifeband also offers smartwatch functions allowing users to easily control their music via the wristband. A simple swipe on the screen will allow you to change tracks and Lifeband will also alert you to incoming call and text notifications. Lifeband is also compatible with existing applications such as MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper and MapMyFitness making them appealing to a wider audience.

As well as Lifeband LG have also released another product to coincide with the fitness tracker, which is set to create a new experience for users when they workout. The Heart Rate Earphones from LG use sensors to measure blood flow in your ear and are part of a growing trend in wearable technology. These headphones will help to collect data and integrate with the Lifeband for a more accurate analysis. Both products should be on shelves in the UK by spring.

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