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Check tells us to take a rest


We have seen a wide variety of fitness gadgets on the market this year, which all claim to have a unique method to helping you maintain that healthy lifestyle. The usual attributes consist of:

–         Calorie counting

–         Counting movement

–         Monitoring body mass

–         Cost

However it is widely recognised, that being constantly told to keep going and always trying to ‘one up’ your previous performance, can in fact have a negative effect on your health. Sometimes you need to identify when you need a rest to really optimise your performance output, and this is where Check, by FAM Sports comes into play.

The device uses a sensor system that hooks up to a disposable electrode that is places on your forearm. The electrode sticks to the wrist and it attached to the main device, which also houses a sensor that sits on the tip of your thumb. It then sends tiny pulses of electricity through the body and depending on how your nervous system reacts to these will determine whether the gadget advises you to face the gym or go for a lie down. It takes only 15 seconds to register the results, which can be viewed on any iOS or Android device.

Check prides itself on targeting fitness fanatics and professional athletes, specifically aimed at sports which require speed, strength, skill and coordination, and already claims a number of Premier League footballers are fans of the device. However aiming at the high end performers, usually consists of a high end price tag and Check is no different, clocking in at £225.

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