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Optimise your training with Omegawave

OmegaWaveThe Omegawave Personal – the fatigue monitoring chest-strap and app designed to push users to their very limits and understand their optimum times to train. Once up and about in the morning apply the chest-strap and within 2 minutes Omegwave will get underway, syncing with your smartphone and supplying a whole host of data, which resembles your bodies cardiac output. This is great for understanding patterns of fatigue levels and helping to create a productive workout plan.

The gadget can tell if your heart is too stressed out, it does this by measuring your hearts electrical activity, Omegawave will then warn you via the gage on the smartphone app. The technology emulates the same monitoring systems used by Olympic athletes and coaches, but put on a more basic scale.

The Omegawave Personal is a very handy gadget and boast more complex technology than most commonly used. It is very helpful for anyone who participates in cardiovascular training as it can, monitor a variety of attributes – dominated by these types of athletes – to help you maximise your sessions. The Omegawave would definitely be classed in the same field as the likes of Nike Fuelband and Fitbit, therefore it also come equipped with a price tag. The Omegawave ECG sensor (chest-strap) is €99.00 and the app requires monthly subscriptions of €4.90.

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