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Moves – accessory free fitness monitor, now supports iPhone 5s’ M7 Chip

movesMoves, the popular smartphone app, which monitors your fitness without the need of expensive gadgets and long configurations, this week launched its latest edition 2.0 compatible with iPhone 5s.

The activity tracker capitalises on Apple’s motion detector (M7 chip), to enable constant tracking of the users steps taken, distance ran and distance cycled. For those who are using handsets with the absence of the M7 chip, the activity users undertake is monitored via a software in the background of the app.

Moves helps users to assess their fitness by plotting their daily checkpoints on the ‘story’ – a timeline to help you understand where you are most active – and is also now available in a wider variety of languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and French.

Yes the app is great, however there was room for criticism with its predecessor, due to the speed in which it drained the battery whilst constantly running in the background of users’ phones. Moves have since come back and included a battery-saving mode to help minimise drainage, a definite bonus.

Version 2.0 is now available to download for $1.99 on a discounted rate, however this will increase to $2.99 at the end of November. A bonus to those who are already using the app, as they will not be required to pay for an update.

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