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The Misfit Shine Activity tracker

Another product to break into the market encouraging consumers to wear their technology is the Misfit Shine fitness tracker.

The first product from a company that was co-founded by former Apple CEO, John Sculley took their name Misfit Wearable’s from by coincidence the company was first launch on the day of Steve Job’s death. Misfit is considered a tribute due to one of Apples signature adverts, “Here’s to the Crazy Ones”.

The Misfit Shine is arguably a great design that would potentially separate itself from its arena of competitors including the likes of the Jawbone UP and the Nike+ Fuelband SE. The discreet and thin wrist accessory ruses people that notice the Misfit Shine into believing it’s simply a piece of jewellery.

The Shine is currently available in three colours including black, dark grey and silver, however future colours intend to include champagne and light blue topaz in the coming months.

The Misfit shine doesn’t limit the user to only wearing the device on wrist but adopt a magnetic clasp which is included in box which enables the user to attach the device to pretty much any piece of clothing.

The device is constantly monitoring the user’s actions and intelligently reacts to an increase in movement and registers that the user has changed their activity which allows the device to record an accurate analysis. The Shine device can then sync with any iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth which allows the user to configure your bespoke activity and update the tracker. An Android application is currently being developed and is intended to launch in early 2014.

One of the best features of the device is the 4-6 months battery life which can easily be changed at as little as 70p each per battery. A small price to pay for never having to remember to charge your unit.

Whilst the device offers a unique design it is limited in terms of its overall functionality. There is no vibrate function, or screen. However for your everyday user looking for simplistic activity tracking the Misfit shine meets all the basic requirements whilst not standing out and simply blending amongst other jewellery and everyday accessories


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