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New Body IQ software from Basis taking gold in fitness tracking wearable’s

Basis IQ

Basis the popular fitness tracker has now launched an all-new and improved software set to make monitoring your health and fitness even easier. The new development called the Body IQ enhances the tracking capabilities of its Basis B1 wrist monitor, which now gives it the ability to understand the users different types of activity. The Basis B1 can now differentiate between a stroll and a jog and immediately detects when the user is riding a bike. No additional requirements are necessary during the setup, you just start moving and it understands activity then starts to calculate calorie loss.

Many other competing products on the market focus on the amount of steps a person takes in order to understand their fitness levels, plus manually having to change setting depending upon your type of exercise. The new Body IQ software gets straight to work and can even acknowledge when you wake up.

The same statistics are still saved via the users chosen storage unit, whether that be a computer or a smartphone. However now Body IQ offers an insight to perspiration and skin temperature when active.

Finally if that’s not enough to get you going, you can now set yourself targets through the new Run Club and Ride Club options, offering you rewards as motivation for achieving your goals. Yeah it’s seriously one of the top contenders.

Take a quick look at what Body IQ is all about…

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