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Pebble smartwatch brings iOS notifications to your wrist with new app

Just two months shy of Christmas, Pebble today announced a new iOS7-compatible app for their existing smartwatch. The device will soon bring notifications directly from an iPhone to a user’s wrist. It allows the user to receive alerts directly from their iPhone, which means you’ll never miss an email, text message, Facebook status or tweet again.

Pebble are not new to this space and already has an app for Android devices. The new iOS app is set to go live any day now and are waiting for confirmation which will follow the app being reviewed by Apple.

With technology looking towards a lifestyle approach, the combination of both style and engineering are equally important.  Competitors are considered to be brands like Hot Watch. The current designs on the market are not pushed towards a consumer seeking a discreet watch but offer bold style elements. Pebble offer different coloured fascia’s and straps and come in orange, red, black, grey and white.

Apple are rumoured to be producing their own smart watch which might replace the existing Nano. Whilst rumours often deem unreliable until confirmation on the product, other brands supporting iPhones will populate the market.

Pebble previously raised a staggering amount on crowd funding site Kickstarter and since launch has sold 190,000 units worldwide. Now officially released, owners of the Pebble watch can wait patiently until the release of the iOS 7 application.

We have seen the interest in smart watches increase, especially related towards pairing with iOS 7 devices. However it will be key to see the demand once the application is live and if they live up to the expectations.


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