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Get to Know Your Body – Libra Scale

LibraWe’ve seen countless wearable fitness gadgets hit the shelves in the past couple of years, with the main players being the likes of Nike Fuelband and Jawbone, helping create an estimated $4.6 Billion industry. Due to the upsurge within this market, it now makes creating new product noise extremely competitive.

With that in mind, companies must now look to create a more augmented product, keeping the popular tracking and monitoring features of wearable technology, but also offering that extra something. This is exactly what Runtastic have done with their latest product launch of the Libra Scale.

We’ve seen connected scales that provide oxygen levels and heart rates, but they simply do not live up to the sheer range of data coming from the Libra Scale. The basic measurements like weight and body fat are obviously included, however it is the additional body mass index, bone mass, muscle mass and upper body water contact that really separated the Libra Scale from its competitors. The scale also allows the users to set goals which helps to spur them on and show them how close they are to achieving these aims each time they weight themselves.

There is a mobile app, which assists the scale, to process all the information offered to the user. Currently on iOS only, however the company is promising to launch an Android version in early 2014. The scales are set to be available mid-November retailing at $129.

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