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Adidas Announces it New Smartwatch – Micoach Smart Run

Adidas SmartwatchAdidas had unveiled its new smartwatch, which is being tipped to revoultionise fitness gadgets by offering more attributes and accuracey than any of its competitors.

The device, designed to be prodominately used by runners, comes equipped with a colour touchscreen, built-in heart monitor and a GPS location chip. These augmented additions, will be used to monitor the atheletes pulse, grab their locations and allow them to create training programmes which maximise accuracy of there training. The gadget will also offer partnering apps on Android, Windows Phone and iOS, making it a more accessible product in comparison to close competitors like the Nike Fuelband.

However in contrast to the advantages over Nike’s fitness gadget, it does come at a heavier price. Retailing at $399 Adidas Micoach Smart Run is more than double the $149 which can buy you a Fuelband.

However it goes to show, you get what you pay for, as the Adidas Micoach Smart Run, comes along with a host of more sensors as well as entertainment additions, including the ability to play MP3 audio fules via Bluetooth to wireless headphones. A bit specialist yes, but still a nice touch.

If you plan on making the most of the smartwatch, then using paired headphones alows the app to give audio commands telling you to speed up or slow down, which it is able to calcualte via the aniamted graphics screen.

Addias have annoucned they plan to release the Micoach Smart Run next month.

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