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GlassFit to revolutionise the fitness app

GlassFitEveryone involved in the tech world is extremely excited about the latest revolutionary product that is Google Glass and although it is still yet to launch publicly, the main features of what you will be able to do with the product is pretty common knowledge.

However one very large clouded area of the device does still remain a bit of a mystery and that is, what apps will be included to fully take advantage of the hands-free aspect of Glass? Race Yourself a London based startup company, believes the future of fitness apps lie with the introduction of Google Glass and have managed to secure £100,000 for their app, which is planned to launch on Glass being the first fitness app associated with the product.

The idea behind the app is to bring a more entertaining purpose to your workout, rather than the usual tracking devices you get with the likes of Nike Fuel Band and RunKeeper. GlassFit will still track all of your workouts, however offer a more competitive edge by allowing you to race your previous ‘personal best’, which you will actually be able to see through the headset – or hopefully not, as you should be beating it. Users will also have the possibility to race friends via the GlassFit.

Not just against yourself and friends, but GlassFit also uses the augmented reality element of Google Glass to include mini games, with the purpose in mind to get you shifting a bit quicker. One of these games is a scenario where zombies chase you, although I’m not too sure how this would work, as I would assume they would be behind you and whilst running, how often do you look behind?

Either way, the app, which is to be released alongside Google Glass, does sound something unique and definitely a fun way of getting more people involved in exercise. The only problem I can foresee is people not wanting to wear a pair of glasses whilst running…

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