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24 Hour Health & Fitness Monitoring With Angel Sensor

Angel SensorHealth sensors have become almost a common phenomenon of late, with the amount of competitive products that are now on the market, fighting to prove their dominance over each other. The latest of gadget soon to be introduced to the field, is Angel Sensor a wristband which helps you monitor all of those vital signs including your calorie count, sleep monitoring, activity tracking… lets face it, the usual stuff, which many other products already established have.

However, what makes Angel Sensor so unique is the functionality of using an open-developed platform. Angel Sensor uses freely available API specifications allowing people to develop specialised apps, intended to benefit the end users. This means users will be able to monitor much closer personal issues, which could include heart disease, lung disease or just difficulty sleeping. Also another benefit that puts the mind at rest (well, kind of) is that if a life-threatening assessment is gauged, the users physician can be notified.

Angel Sensor looks likely to be the first ‘open sensor’ for health and fitness gadgets of its kind, making it a real game changer from all current products currently on the market.

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